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SUSTAINABILITY and Farm ESG: Impact on stakeholder aspirations

Defining yourself and measuring yourself as a sustainable agribusiness makes a big difference in terms of company valuation, access to credit, company image and prestige.

Part of the current environmental and social credentials of agricultural organizations are given by the almost mandatory certifications to be able to export: Smeta, Grasp, Global Gap, Rain Forest, Spring; all together point to the same line: Triple Impact – ESG.

Sustainable agriculture businesses that have a triple impact definitely have a better corporate reputation because it is a vision that is managed as central to the organization and part of the organization's DNA.

It is a fact that the agricultural investments with the highest return are found in companies with disruptive business models and with high performance in sustainability issues and at the same time that they are capable of measuring them.

On a financial level, an ESG company will present a much more positive risk assessment than another company that does not assess its sustainability performance. This directly impacts access to sustainable credit lines, with preferential interest rates.

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