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Business Case: ESG & Sustainability blueberry grower

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Having finished a 6-month management project with the implementation of the ESG as framework in an agro-industrial company that produces, processes fresh and frozen Blueberries. Materiality assessment has been included.


The materiality assessment culminated in a presentation to the management team the ESG focus areas: Environmental, Social & Governance.

An internal ESG team was worked on and developed, defining a Project Leader and Champion (CM Consultant) with whom social and environmental metrics were developed to share with stakeholders.

The improvement result and output established 15 improvement initiatives where it is estimated that within a period of 10-12 months the positive impacts will be clear. Some of them:

  • Generation of an ESG Scorecard, which will be evaluated every six months

  • Initiatives to improve commitment and alignment TBL with Suppliers

  • Involvement initiatives with office, field and packing staff to contribute to decarbonisation, water footprint and energy costs during their workday and even in their family life

  • A baseline of energy savings of 10% is expected the first year

  • A baseline of 15% is expected in the generation of plastic waste in 12 months

  • Obvious decrease in staff turnover and improvement of commitment

  • Water footprint with a real impact of 800M3/Ha in 12 months

INITIAL CLIENT NEED: Scale their business, generate a clear Sustainability signal to stakeholders (specially investors), seek expert part-time help, develop a custom solution through an interim sustainability director who is capable of building an ESG team, prior to hiring a full-time director of sustainability

CONTRACT MODEL: Retainer for 6 months / Interim Sustainability Department. Two CropMonitor consultants involved.

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