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Sustainable & Regen Agriculture

Agricultural Sustainability Evaluation under ESG criteria


Transform your Agricultural Business

Specialists in Sustainability, ESG and Regenerative Models

​We accompany your ecompany towards long-term agricultural sustainability. From evaluation to presentation to investors, we offerexperience in implementation aligned with ESG criteria. We have a deep understanding of agricultural operations, identifying key elements to generate long-term benefits and value.


We lead transformation projects towards regenerative models


Discover the maximum potential of your business!

ESG Sustainability Criteria in an agricultural business



Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint

Renewable energy sources

Erosion and Soil Health

Fertilizers and Agrochemicals

Waste and Recycling



Health and Safety at Work

Equal opportunities

Personnel Rotation

Education and professional development

Relationship with communities

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion


Virtualization of operations

Sustainability and ESG policies 

Ethical and sustainable business strategy

Impact Investment -Technology

Sustainable profitability over time

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Agriculture Quick Test


Regenerative Agriculture Projects


We design the transition of your farm towards a Regenerative management system

Regenerative and sustainable agronomic management model, with high productivity and quality that enhances soil fertility, resilience to biotic and abiotic stress, increasing biodiversity and low impact on the ecosystem.

Medium and long-term management plan focused on:

  • Restore soil functions

  • Increased real fertility of the soil.

  • Maximize carbon dioxide capture by the crop and the soil.

  • Express the greatest productive potential

  • Develop a crop resistant to stress

  • Reestablish ecosystem services thanks to high biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem.

Metric scheme under global standards:

  • GHG emissions per crop unit

  • Water footprint per crop unit

  • Soil organic carbon

  • Measurement of recovered Biodiversity

  • Nitrogen use efficiency

  • Performance

  • Profitability per unit area

Carbon Farming & Net Zero

Huella de carbono

We have generated synergies with supplyiers of AI systems and remote algorithms that calculate the annual carbon footprint and capture of your crops.

More information soon... 

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