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España - Perú - Chile - Colombia - Republica Dominicana

Productive Consulting

Plantation Project Evaluation

Design, project, P&L and budget, water balance, climate study.

Efficient irrigation and water management

Irrigation planning and soil moisture probes frequent monitoring

High Performance Productive Management

Nutrition, irrigation, growth regulators, health, living soil, pruning and garden formation.

Sustainable growing System

mulching, living soil, regenerative management, resilience to stress and natural enemies, carbon balance and water balance.

Preharvest and Postharvest Management 

Nutrition, irrigation, pruning, architecture, dry matter, harvest planning, fruit management and prevention of physiological disorders.

Avocado Growing Specialist

consultores agricolas

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About Avofarming

Agricultural Engineer from the University of Chile, specialist in nutrition and physiology of fruit production, with a vast career directing productive projects, advising investors and producers, nurseries and companies supplying inputs for avocado production in Latin America and abroad.

An avocado project must be Sustainable, for which it must be Profitable, Efficient, Productive and Low Impact on the Environment.

I am convinced that we must simplify things and work from the base: water, soil, fertilizer and pruning. Avofarming is a platform to publicize my experience in high-yield avocado cultivation and unite my networks.

Soon more information about tests carried out and experiences that add value.

Avofarming II.jpg
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